UCR- Stan Lim- Lab Student

AMARSS Equipment


Automated Mini-Rhizotron



 The Automated Mini-Rhizotron is a computer controlled system that allows X and Y motion of a digital microscope camera within a clear tube buried in the ground. The primary purpose is to undertake high-frequency fungal hypha and root growth and associated phenomena within soil.









Soil Sensor Arrayed System


 (Vargas & Allen 2008, 7:1055–1064) Soil sensor array at the San Jacinto Mountains James Reserve in southern California. Minirhizotron tubes were equipped with soil moisture, temperature, and CO2 sensors at three depths (2, 8, and 16 cm). Soil respiration􀆟 on using the gradient flux method (see “Materials and Methods” for details) was validated using the chamber method with a Li-Cor 8100 soil respiration system.