The Center for Conservation Biology (the Center, or CCB) is a University of California Riverside (UCR) organized research unit. Our mission is to assist in the conservation and restoration of species and ecosystems by facilitating the collection, evaluation, and dissemination of scientific information. We proactively identify new research priorities in conservation biology and inaugurate new research programs; and we also develop research programs in response to existing needs in conservation biology. We do not create policy but do generate objective scientific information that may be used by others in developing policy. Many activities of the Center are regional, centered on the diverse species and habitats that form the natural heritage of southern California, but other activities extend far beyond this regional focus. The research and other activities of the Center ultimately provide cultural, economic, and aesthetic benefits locally and globally. We focus our research efforts in the areas illustrated below:


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The Center through its faculty, students, and research associates, engages in a wide variety of activities, including, but not limited to:

  • Fostering research and student exchanges, consultations, and public service among faculty, visiting faculty, and scholars.
  • Graduate training for the development of new scholars.
  • Providing undergraduate opportunities in order to achieve a well-rounded understanding of conservation biology.
  • Supporting and expanding conservation biology related activities at the UCR main and Palm Desert campuses.
  • Maintaining and fostering ties with institutions¬†of higher learning and research.
  • Stimulating communication among and with scholars in other institutions interested in conservation biology.
  • Disseminating knowledge through Center publications and presentations.
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