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College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences (CNAS) - Learn more about Undergraduate and Graduate Programs, faculty research, CNAS facilities, and much more!

UC's Natural Reserve System - Details the various studies, current and past events, as well as data regarding the Reserves controlled and administrated by the UC System.

James San Jacinto Mountains Reserve - One of the UC Reserves the CCB works with most frequently.  Learn more about its unique qualities and real-time research opportunities.

Boyd Deep Canyon Reserve - Research Center based on the Reserve supporting education and research.

Sweeney Granite Mountains Reserve - Research Center located on the Reserve in the East Mojave Desert that provides educational opportunities, research, and public outreach.

Center for Embedded Networked Sensing (CENS) at UCLA - A research center dedicated to using wireless sensors to detect aspects of the physical world. 

University of California Riverside Citrus Variety Collection - A site dedicated to the Citrus Station that was the precursor to UC Riverside's founding.  It hosts research projects, citrus collections, historical perspectives and articles.

UC Riverside Chancellor's Committee on Sustainability - This site focuses on explaining the long term goals regarding sustainability, health, and environmentalism at UC Riverside and its affiliates.

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Riverside-Corona Resource Conservation District - Government agency whose primary purpose is the conservation of natural sources.

Regional Conservation Authority for Western Riverside County - Created to implement the Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan to preserve natural habitats for threatened and endangered species.

Riverside Land Conservancy - This Conservancy is meant to help counteract the huge human population growth by protecting and conserving natural habitats that originally attracted settlers.

Riverside County Integrated Project - A three-tiered program meant to help communities build up and focus on conservation efforts, transportation issues, and land use.

Coachella Valley Association of Governments - A region-based intergovernmental association that focuses on large-scale conservation efforts.

Joshua Tree Tortoise Rescue - A non-profit grassroots organization aimed to help the California Desert Tortoise, an endangered species.

Joshua Tree National Park Association - The primary nonprofit support association for the Joshua Tree National park. Operates bookstores, administrates the JOTR museum, ranger training, etc.

California Oak Mortality Task Force - Dedicating to discovering the cause(s) and available treatments to the rapid decline of certain tree species.

California Native Plant Society - An organization focused on educating and conserving native plants and their habitats since 1965.

Society for Ecological Restoration, California Chapter - Focused on advancing the science, practice, and knowledge base regarding ecological restoration and fostering communication between professionals and other groups.

California Dept of Fish and Game - Official California government agency for the regulation of licensing, public records, hunting/fishing permits, etc.

California Dept. of Forestry and Fire Protection - A department whose main goal is for the stewardship and fire prevention measures for millions of acres in California.

California Association of Resource Conservation Districts - Facilitates communication and cooperation between the various conservation districts for varied resources in California.

The California Ecological Observatory Network (CalEON)- A regional network of natural history museums, universities and labs, as well as field sites. 

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Western Section of The Wildlife Society - A society focused on combining various aspects of conservation by being as active as possible by studying and managing wildlife and human habitats to move toward coexistence.

LTER - Sevilleta - A part of the Long Term Ecological Research Network (via NSF) that primarily focuses on aridland ecosystems and abiotic impacts.

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Society for Conservation Biology - Promotes the study of biodiversity by bringing together broad ranges of interested parties. More than 10,000 members worldwide.

Center for Natural Lands Management - An organization dedicated to preserving and managing over 52,000 acres of land in California for endangered species and habitats.  GIS and map information also available.

USDA Natural Resource Conservation - A large organization meant to provide land owners and managers with the information and resources they need to get the most of their land by conserving resources.

United States Fish and Wildlife Service - The Federal entity in charge of various licenses, natural reserves and management, invasive species, hunting, conservation, etc.

Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species - A program focused on generating and providing various informational resources to worldwide habitats and species.

Long Term Ecological Research Network(LTER) - A network with many conservation approaches including: the acquisition and management of varying habitats, the study of said habitats, and the sharing of information gathered to garner a deeper understanding of diverse ecosystems.

The National Ecological Observatory Network - A network focused on learning about climate change and invasive species impacts on broad habitats across North America.

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CITRO - Contribute through the generation, dissemination and application of information science and technology for sustainable development of tropical areas of Mexico and other areas.

El Eden Ecological Reserve - A reserve in the Yucatan peninsula where various forms of research occur.  This site provides a portal to access much of the information obtained studying the reserve and its habitat (A part of CITRO).

Chamela Biological Reserve - A reserved dedicated to biological research and outreach and a greater understanding of its habitats by providing services to conduct such research.

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