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FIRMS: Gas Bench Instructions

Instructions for Gas Bench Samples:

  1. FIRMS offers water isotope analyses (δ18O and δ2H) using headspace equilibration and determination of δ13C and δ18O of CO2.
  2. Water samples should be submitted in glass vials with PTFE caps. For example, Fisher Scientific vial, 03-375-11BA with cap, 03-375-29A. The vials should be submitted in a rack (example: Fisher Scientific 03-375-24L). Samples should be kept in the dark and under refrigeration during storage and shipping.
  3. For δ13C and δ18O of CO2 the samples must be submitted in Exetainers (part number 938W: The original boxes for the Extetainers make good racks.
  4. Each sample should be clearly labeled with a sample code number. FIRMS requires that each sample have a unique sample code number. A good approach is to use the investigator’s last name and a numeral: Jones001, Jones002, Jones003 etc.
  5. Make a printout of the submission spreadsheet and rubber-band it to the plate.
    • E-mail the submission spreadsheet to FIRMS ( ) and make an appointment to drop off the samples in 2424 Geology Building
  6. Our normal turnaround time is 4 weeks.

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