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Collaborative Proposal - Quantifying the footprint of a dominant organism: Biogeochemical
impacts of leaf cutter ants in a lowland tropical forest ecosystem

Broader Impacts

The proposed work will be carried out in collaboration with researchers and students from the US, Costa Rica, and New Zealand. Much of the preliminary data in this proposal was collected with REU students at La Selva. La Selva Biological Research Station is an epicenter of tropical scientific research, hosting a large number of student groups, researchers from all over the world, and serving as a center for ecotourism. In addition to mentoring REU students, an annual workshop will be developed to introduce students and researchers to cutting edge field instrumentation and analysis techniques, providing immediate opportunities to use these new approaches at La Selva. Therefore, the proposed research will be widely disseminated.

Soil Observatory System: AMR, sensors, respiration chamberSoil Observatory System:
AMR, sensors, respiration chamber






Video captured by Dariana Chow and Matt O'Neil, Summer 2014, using a USB microscope showing the ATTA hard at work: ATTAZ: The Movie

For more information, please visit: The ATTA Biogeochemistry Project
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