Data from Emerald Lake, Tokopah Valley and surrounding catchments spans 31 years and is stored in flat-file Excel spreadsheets. Records and metadata derived from automated stations and hydrochemical data from 1982-2005 are also stored in a Microsoft Access relational database. The relational database structure is modeled after the Water Data Library created by the California Department of Water Resources to manage water quality data collected as part of the operation of the State Water Project (see

A subset of hydrologic and hydrochemical data from 1982 through 2000 are also stored in the U.S. EPA STORET public database of water chemistry. In addition, hydrochemical and hydrologic data for the Marble Fork of the Kaweah River (2003 to present) are stored in the National Water Information System operated by the US Geological Survey.

Please contact the Principal Investigators for specific questions regarding data availability and methods for access.